The era of digitomics is here
The complete patient story for the first time
Harnessing information from electronic health records, insurance claims, wearables, and more to provide a high-quality, holistic data picture.
A better data story saves lives.
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Precision data from the start
Go beyond broad-stroke trends and anonymous aggregate snapshots.
True precision data generated by digitomics have the power to transform clinical research and improve healthcare outcomes by identifying missed opportunities, strengthening approval potential, and catalyzing speed to market.
Tailored therapy and intervention insights on a precise level (patient-generated and identifiable from the start). Get personalized insights, not just anonymized, blind data.
Identify individual-level relationships between a patient's medical events, cost of care, genotype, and more.
View a patient's health profile prediagnosis, current day, and into the future with new treatments.
From late-stage clinical research to cost-benefit analyses, track a patient's journey as different therapies, cost of care, and medical and non-medical interventions are introduced.
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As the life sciences industry has grown more sophisticated, data collection has stayed the same. We're changing that with digitomics.
Do more with the full patient story
Symptom Onset
Clinical Trial - The old way only provides this
Life After Trial
From the beginning, Novellia's data are directly sourced from—and linked to—the individual. Our novel approach, digitomics, is the digital complement to multiomics platforms. It uses multidimensional and longitudinal data so you no longer have gaps in the health story.
APIs are in our DNA
Novellia's flexible API architecture supports data from a myriad of sources: multiple EHRs, insurance claims, wearables, genetic testing, and more. Forever scaleable, your data will always be the most comprehensive and leading edge.
“Your mission to save lives by uncovering the full story for every patient is strongly aligned with our vision”
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