Our Values

We're on a mission to improve health and save lives through the most complete and protected data in the industry.

It's time for the healthcare industry to truly put people first—equitably, inclusively, and honorably.
With digitomics, we can now create the fullest, most complete story of one's health while simultaneously protecting data and putting patients in control.
The Full Story
Everyone's Story is Unique
Patients are people first: they're individuals with their own life events, physiology, families and access to care. Personalized medicine requires us to get their full story right.
All the Data That Matter
We can now tell the whole story with more than just fragments of disconnected data. Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), Health Related Social Needs (HRSN), and more, are key to completing the story.
Full, Authentic Stories are Inclusive
Personalized, full-picture health data allows for more diverse representation that is equitable and inclusive for everyone.
Ownership & Control
Always Opt-In
Honoring and respecting patients means they're in the driver's seat before their data are shared. Consent works when patients have clarity combined with agency.
Easy Management
Novellia's simple account management puts patients first by allowing them to decide what data to share and who gets to see their data.
Standards, Compliance & Governance
In the Works from the Start
Industry standards—HIPAA, SOC 2, and more— aren't just the end goal. At Novellia, they're our foundation as we continually advance the frontiers of what next-generation security and compliance looks like.
Commitment to Vigilance
Technology, regulations, and use cases change. As they do, Novellia will continue to push for greater protections and greater control.
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